How to Block Spam on My WordPress Website?

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. It’s simple and easy-to-use interface has made it the number 1 choice of newbies and professional bloggers. The number of plug-ins and themes is massive and the choices are unending. Setting up and starting your site on WordPress is easy. Once you start getting some visitors, you will notice a menace that follows the platform everywhere, spam!

Owing to their popularity and ease of use, the total number of WordPress blogs is huge. And it always attracts the attention of spammers who want to create a backlink to their sites.

 Why do they do it?

There is a reason why spammers exist. Despite the best efforts of Search Engines, spamming still gives some results. So spammers are only too happy to search and find new blogs to post comment links. They organise the whole thing like a business. The blackhats have built several bots and software that specialises in searching and finding new WordPress blogs and posting spam comments.

What can you do about it?

The first step is to ensure each comment is posted only after approval. This is a setting you can tweak within WordPress. Once you turn it on, every comment will wait for moderation before it is posted. This way, your readers will not see a spam comment even by accident.

Second, install a plug-in to automatically trash spammy comments. Akismet has a fantastic free plug-in that can stop most of these spam comments from even appearing in your pending comments section.

Apart from that, there are several anti-spam plug-ins that can help keep your comment box free from spammers. For best results, check out the compatibility of the version before installing any plugin. Keep your WordPress updated to the latest version to ensure maximum security.

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