FireTV vs Apple TV: Which is the Better Deal?

Since early 2017, streaming has become the most popular way to watch TV. As the speed of our internet climbs up, it is only natural for us to opt to watch a streaming show rather than regular TV filled with unending ads.

The popularity of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other streaming services has made it super easy to catch up with any of your favourite series and movies when you need it. The apps are available for mobiles and tablets and by default, these services are accessible via PC. But, what about watching them on that 4K big screen TV in your living room?

While many of the modern TVs are ‘smart’ by default, some of the older TVs may still need the help of a device to enable streaming. Amazon’s FireTV and Apple TV are two of the most popular choices in the market. But the choice between the two may not be easy or straightforward.

So let’s look at some differences.

Platform: if you have purchased loads of content on iTunes store, Apple TV is a better option for you. If you don’t own iDevices and have an Android phone, you are better off with Amazon’s offering.

Price: This is an easy choice, Amazon’s FireTV is $69 while the cheapest AppleTV is $179. Price wise, there is no competition for the FireTV. Plus, if you have a Prime subscription, the app is already baked into the device.

Experience: This is one area where Apple may have an edge. While both devices are 4K capable, Apple TV can play Dolby Vision while FireTV cannot. So if your current setup supports Dolby Vision, buy an AppleTV, else FireTV is a better option.

Storage: The higher version of AppleTV gives some storage and has a more powerful processor.

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